William Edward Perry

When it comes to issues like the north pole I think a lot of us start to think about our childhoods and how we all used to believe in Santa Claus living up in the north pole and building all of our toys for us and delivering them through our chimneys on Christmas, and of course there is nothing wrong with having this mental connotation of the north pole but of course as adults there are actually some serious things that we can associate with the north pole in our modern world today, and that means that we are going to be talking about the disappearing polar ice caps and what has been happening to them throughout the recent years and industrialization of the world, which is really scary because a lot of people know that when and if the polar ice caps do melt significantly that there will be dramatic rises in sea level and that means that some major cities around the world will potentially get flooded out.

And that is some post apocalypse situations that humans have never wanted to have to face, but that might be reality and it’s not just a Hollywood movie called the Day After Tomorrow. Now I do not necessarily want to just talk about global warming with these articles about the North Pole because the truth of the matter is that there really is a lot that we can talk bout in terms of the North Pole and some of that great discussion entails all of the adventures and the history behind men exploring this area of the world way before we had any astronauts up in space to be able to take pictures from above the world for us, and this is always really interesting because a lot of people completely risked their lives for the sake of adventure and just to do something awesome with their lives, and I don’t think we really see that type of enthusiasm as much as we used to anymore.

But of course I think that need to have adventures and travel is inside all humans and we just have to unleash it completely if you want to and that sometimes is a lot easier said than done. Now when we think of people who took a lot of risks to explore the Arctic and North Pole regions we have to think about William Edward Perry who was one of the first explorer to successfully go up to the North Pole way back in 1827 during a time in the world when sailors were going all over the place just to see what was there, and I think that is pretty spectacular forms of adventure although it is a little misguided and crazy, and as you can probably imagine Mr. Perry definitely ran into a lot of trouble when he did eventually make it up to the Arctic Circle but he is still remembered today for doing it and that is what I think he wanted to achieve, the name and the recognition of being the first to explore a certain area of the world, and that is something that no one can take away from him and that is actually really awesome.

So the North Pole is definitely an area of the world that is unknown and full of mystery and of course it is pretty well known to be extremely cold but that really isn’t the point of these articles because everyone already knows that the North Pole is cold, that is just a given, and for the most part that we do not know what is going on up there because still so few people have gone up there and done scientific research, but the research that is going on around there definitely is really important for the rest of the world and those findings is what we are going to discuss further in other articles on this page.


Now in today’s normal world in which everything seems to be politically correct it sometimes is frowned upon to tell kids that Santa Claus does not actually exist and that the north pole isn’t actually a place but just a gravitational pull at the highest point on the globe, and of course a lot of hot moms might be really upset that their kids read this from me, but I think it is important to keep kids knowledgeable about the world and that means that we must tell them all the truth about the north pole and I think that might even spark their imaginations even more than the lies about Santa Claus and his elves making toys for privileged kids all over the world, because that’s just a bunch of crap anyways.

I don’t mean to be a Grinch or a Stooge or anything like that because I really do like Christmas and it is definitely one of my favorite holidays, but of course I don’t want to be the type of person who sits around and waits for things to happen in my life and not see anything actually happen so I know that I have to make moves and really do a bunch of research about the north pole in order to know what in the world is going on up there, and so that is exactly what I have done and these articles are the testaments to what I have learned over the past several years of very extensive amounts of research.

So first of all we need to discuss what exactly the North Pole is and that means we need to look at it from a latitude and longitude perspective because the North Pole Technically is the place in which all lines of longitude meet up with each other at the top of the world, and that is really important because we need to have a reference point for all lines across the navigations of the entire world, so the North and South Poles technically, as well as the equator, are the points in which we make references for the entire navigation of the world, and this has generally been the ways in which we have been able to get around the world for centuries and for the most part it has definitely worked out for all of us.

Now let’s talk about the actual definition of the North Pole and I think that this is something that will definitely raise some hairs on people’s necks but for the most part it will definitely give a lot of clarity for the purposes of these articles, and that definition of the North Pole is that honestly for a long time people thought that the North Pole was along the axis of the rotation of the earth as it revolves around the sun, but of course in more recent years we have come to realize that the earth somewhat wobbles as it rotates around the earth and that is partly why we see different seasons around the year in different parts of the world, and of course we kind of have had a little bit more trouble seeing what the North Pole actually is in terms of what its purpose is in the earth’s rotation.

And I think what we have come to realize is that the North Pole technically is just the most northern part of the world, but it definitely is really important because there is a lot of ice up there that builds up on a regular basis as polar ice caps, and I think throughout Greenland and above the country in more of the Arctic circle area there is a ton of ice that is helping to dictate the global temperatures and the overall sea levels around the world, and these are really important issues right now because we are now dealing with global warming and climate change and as sea levels rise we are seeing the polar ice caps melt, and this is a really alarming problem for a lot of people who live near oceans, which is a ton of people around the world so of course the concepts of the north pole really does still apply to everyone and for good reasons too.

North Pole

When it comes to the imaginations of every single child on the face of the earth there is a lot going on when kids think about the ideas of the North Pole, and I think for the most part when adults think about the North Pole too we also think about Santa Claus and his troop of elves coming together to build all the toys for the children of the world on Christmas, and it definitely is a really cool thing to think about and I like thinking about the North Pole in this way, but of course that is not the reality of what the North Pole actually is.

Maybe in the minds of a good percentage of the people on the planet we can think about the North Pole as a magical place where toys are built and reindeers can fly, and I don’t really see anything wrong with this because it is definitely a really cool thing to imagine and if it were true I definitely would go move up there and hang out with the reindeers, and sometimes as an adult I sometimes think that the North Pole could be Santa’s territory or workshop area and that the global north is actually a magical place, and I think that for the most part it actually might be a magical place because when we think about it no one really ever goes up there that much, and on the globes and all the maps of the earth there are no physical islands up at the global pole towards the north, which is of course different than Antarctica in the global south, but at the same time what if there is just a tiny island that we can not see on the maps or has been purposely hidden from every single map ever made for some type of reason.

It’s kind of funny to think that by going into the ideas of Santa Claus and his elves up at the North Pole that there actually might be a conspiracy theory behind hidden territory up at the top of the world. What if the North Pole was actually an area where a lot of underwater oil drilling is taking place and we just don’t know about it, and maybe there is actually people up there living still in the outskirts of the world, or potentially there is a portal to another dimension up there, but who really knows because only a handful of people have ever really been that far north in the world, and I’m pretty sure that it is just an ocean up there, but of course there are a bunch of Canadian islands as well as Greenland and other smaller islands off the coast of Russian and other Scandinavian countries so there still could be secret cultures that we aren’t aware of just yet.

And of course that would be really fascinating but it most likely is not the case. Now that we have gotten all of the conspiracy theories out of the way it is important for myself as the writer of this article and all of these lists of articles to clarify that the reason that we are talking about the North Pole is going to be more of a scientific approach, and we actually are going to be talking about the many times that people have gone to the north pole, and that will be very fascinating because explorations, especially around one hundred years ago, were very awesome and treacherous and full of adventure, and I think that is part of the mystique behind the north pole and people have always really felt that way about this area of the world because it is rather unknown.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is interested in learning more about the north pole or maybe you are a young child trying to figure out what exactly is going on up there then you have definitely come to a cool spot online because this entire article and list of articles is dedicated to telling what the north pole actually is in reality, and that is something that will be magical in itself.